"Lyric" showcases multitalented Loveland middle schoolers / by Robert Campagna

Kenneth Jessen / For the Reporter-Herald

Kenneth Jessen / For the Reporter-Herald

More than 50 students from the Thompson School District participated in a 4-day photography workshop. It all culminated in a multi-media exhibit featuring black and white photos and poems--created by the students.

From the Loveland Reporter-Herald:

The students [were given] a list of 17 concepts and things to notice while taking a photograph, such as contrast, side lighting, shadows, reflections and composition, and six forbidden words that include "thingy," "cute," "whatever," "cool," "stuff" and "selfie." They had to get away from the quick clicking of digital cameras and think about the camera's focus, light meter, shutter speed and aperture.

The results were extraordinary. Not only the work that was created but the effect that the process had on the students. Again, from the Reporter-Herald, in the students own words:

"I've learned that photography is a lot deeper than just taking a picture. It's a process of deciding which picture to take," Egan Bauersfeld, a seventh-grader at High Plains School, said. "This is a lot calmer and slower-paced than color photography. ... You have to take time and put thought into the photos you're taking."

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